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Flavour: Orange Mango

Steamfunk is brought to you by the crazy minds which see the world of tomorrow. Designed for the artists and thinkers, the doers and shakers.  Where thinking outside the box is the norm and achieving your ambitions is expected! 

Steamfunk is a beautiful blend which will be your spotter to push you to your physical destinations!

  •  Mental Energy
  •  Focus
  •  Alertness
  •  Flavour out of this world
  •  No Crash, No Jitters, No Slump
  •  Open Label No Hidden Blends
  •  Improved Sessions 
  •  Improved Vasodilation And Energy

Steamfunk is not only for the gym junkies but also for anyone looking to improve mental energy and focus. Perfect to be taken first thing in the morning, or before you hit your workout, Steamfunk by 13 Lives will take your energy and mental focus levels to a whole new height. Discover a new generation of pre-workout supplements, where energy, nootropics and pump meet in the middle.


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