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R1 Lytes +

by Rule 1
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Flavour: Lemon Lime

A well hydrated muscle is a happy muscle and Rule1 Lytes+ premium hydration blend does just that! Even mild dehydration has been shown to increase fatigue and reduce concentration. Prolonged exercise, especially in warm environments, can lead to substantial body water and electrolyte losses with the potential to seriously impair performance. Utilising a 5-electrolyte blend of Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Chloride, Calcium, R1 Lytes+ helps replenish nutrients lost through sweat with a combination of their premium electrolytes, coconut water, watermelon powder, citrulline malate, taurine, and antioxidant vitamins A & C.

R1 Lytes+ is an enhanced hydration blend that will help fuel your exercises especially if in warm conditions:

  • Premium blend of 5 electrolytes along with Coconut water to enhance hydration further.
  • Enhanced with fatigue cutting ingredients.
  • Zero sugars, zero banned substances.

This low-calorie drink boasts only 10 calories per serving and only 1g of carbohydrates making it perfect for those who are trying to avoid excess carbs. The refreshing lemon-lime flavor further assists hydration further by encouraging you to drink more! Keeping hydrated especially when exercising in warm environments can mean the difference between a successful session or struggle town, make sure you keep your electrolyte balance in check so you can train effectively with Rule1 Lytes+.


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