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OxySleep Collagen

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Flavour : Hot Cocoa

Your night time routine has just gotten better and more delicious with the new OxySleep Collagen by EHP Labs. This tasty and gluten-free collagen-based formula has been carefully crafted to be enjoyed as a nighttime beverage.

We all know how vital sleep is in our day-to-day life. The better you sleep at night, the better you feel the next day. The team at EHP Labs has created this formula to help you relax and unwind you need it the most. OxySleep Collagen contains a combination of ingredients that allows you to slow down and relax.

What are the benefits of OxySleep Collagen by EHP Labs?

  • Delicious cocoa hot drink
  • Only 40 calories
  • 99% sugar-free
  • Formulated with bovine collagen
  • Support stronger and healthier hair, nails and skin
  • Support general health and wellness
  • Night time shred formula
  • Satisfy late-night sweet cravings
  • Whole-body benefits
  • Help to promote better rest and recovery

Does the OxySleep Collagen taste good?

Yes, the OxySleep Collagen is a delicious combination of ingredients, including 21% of cocoa, giving you the most beautiful hot drink to be added to your night time routine. This collagen drink is 99% sugar-free and gluten-free.

What type of collagen is in the OxySleep Collagen?

EHP Labs has included Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen in this formula. Collagen is a protein, and this formula delivers 5.1 grams of protein per serving. The benefits of bovine collagen include better skin health, stronger nails and luscious hair. This type of collagen is also great for joint and gut health.

What Is OxySleep Collagen Night Time Shred?

OxySleep Collagen Night-Time Shred by EHP Labs is a delicious and satisfying collagen-based nighttime beverage designed to be taken before bed. This macro-friendly hot cocoa-flavoured drink will help to satisfy cravings. OxySleep is perfect for anyone in a calorie deficit or those who crave sweet food post-dinner.


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