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Hydrate (20 Single Serv Sachets)

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Flavour: Lemon Lime

The sugar-free Hydrate Switch you know and love, in convenient stick packs!

Gear up for unparalleled performance with Hydrate Switch by Switch Nutrition, the ultimate companion for those who demand excellence. This isn't just hydration; it's a precision-engineered powerhouse designed to elevate your performance to new heights. The full spectrum of 5 essential electrolytes, including a clinically proven 2:1 ratio of over 300mg Sodium, forms the foundation for optimal fluid balance, ensuring you're always at the top of your game. Hydrate Switch by Switch Nutrition has been optimally designed to provide you with the best when it comes to keeping hydrated containing:

  • Over 300mg of Sodium at a clinically proven 2:1 ratio.
  • 1000mg of added Taurine to regulate electrolyte balance and support energy metabolism.
  • Added co-factors Vitamin C and B Vitamins for energy, mood and alertness.

Take control of your energy metabolism with the strategic addition of 1000mg of Taurine. This powerhouse amino acid not only supports electrolyte balance but also acts as a catalyst for peak performance, giving you the edge you need when it matters most. Fuel your ambition with added co-factors Vitamin C and B Vitamins, precisely included to boost energy, enhance mood, and sharpen your alertness. As you push your limits, savour the caffeine-free boost from CoffeeBerry™, an innovation that enhances mood, energy, and focus without the jitters. No compromises here – Hydrate Switch is free from artificial colours, synthetic dyes, and artificial sweeteners. It's the embodiment of pure, unadulterated performance, meticulously crafted for those who settle for nothing less than excellence. Gear up, power up, and conquer with Hydrate Switch – where power meets precision, and your potential knows no bounds.


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