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Core ISO

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Flavour: Chocolate Decadence


  • Whey protein isolate - 100% micro filtered, cold processed, whey protein isolate
  • Purity - Zero artificial fillers
  • Taste - No sugar added

Enjoy the ultimate protein experience with Core Iso! The ultra-pure whey protein isolate provides the necessary building blocks for your body to repair muscle damage, boost recovery, and power your performance. Enjoy a smooth, delicious shake for the ultimate post-workout nutrition.

With all natural flavouring, the team at Core took it upon themselves to create a taste in their proteins that no others could. Instead of a dull, palette-killing powder you need to choke down, Core ISO tastes like a gourmet pastry chef set up shop, on your tongue, and started making soufflés like nobody’s business.

Core Iso is the protein supplement you can count on. Its quality and purity have been carefully perfected to give you the results you're looking for. Upgrade your protein game and start feeling the benefits of investing in your health and well-being with Core Iso.


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