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Citrulline Malate

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Enhance your workout and recovery with Citrulline Malate, a key amino acid found in watermelons that's become a staple in the fitness regimen of athletes. Known for its ability to increase the body's Arginine levels, Citrulline Malate is essential for boosting nitric oxide (NO2) production, which plays a crucial role in vasodilation. This not only improves blood flow but also enhances oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles during intense physical activity.

Comprising 2 parts Citrulline and 1 part Malic Acid, this blend is specifically formulated for its dual benefits. Citrulline aids in vasodilation, leading to increased blood flow, while Malic Acid contributes to the Krebs cycle, supporting energy production for sustained athletic performance. Together, they facilitate the urea cycle, helping with ammonia excretion, potentially elevating exercise performance, and promoting muscle growth through better nutrient absorption and protein synthesis.


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